"Lisa Schroeder is an incredible artist and teacher with a great passion for her instrument which is revealed each time she plays. Her enthusiasm for the flute is contagious and after each lesson I had with Dr. Schroeder I felt inspired to work harder than ever not because I was expected to, but because I wanted to. Her love of her instrument, joy of performing, and generally delightful personality motivated me to master the flute in hopes that some day I could achieve a tone as beautiful as hers. Dr. Schroeder is a kind and patient teacher who gently pushes you to test your limits as a musician to reveal to you that with enough work, you are capable of so much more than you would have imagined. I cannot recommend Lisa Schroeder enough." (Katherine Jordan, Vanguard University of Southern California, B.M. 2013)

"Working with Dr. Schroeder was always such a joyful and enriching experience. In our very first lesson she asked 'What are the things you would like to accomplish?' and from then on she was diligent in helping me achieve my goals through creative techniques and practices. She was so open to answering any questions I may have, and that had me leaving every lesson feeling more confident in being able to master my craft. But above all else, one of the greatest things I cherished in our lessons, is that in addition to her caring about if I had practiced or what piece we will work on next, she cared about me as a person, not just a flutist. Lisa Schroeder is the kind of instructor that supports you in all that you do all the while being an exceptional teacher." (McKenna Jander, Vanguard University of Southern California, Senior Music Education Major, 2016)

"Dr. Schroeder has been a great instructor and mentor for me! Flute lessons with her gave me the confidence I was sorely lacking in my performing, and hearing her play in lessons with me helped my tone improve a lot. She's super supportive and has a quirky side, like when she gave me the positive reaction to my flute trio that was playing video game music in costume. While I miss her lessons since she moved away from California, we stay in contact, with her being a mentor to me that I need to keep going!" (Acacia Weber, California State University San Bernardino, Senior Flute Performance Major, 2016)

"I was an International student at Vanguard University Southern California. I met Professor Schroeder in my second semester of freshman year. She is not only an outstanding flute player but also a great teacher. Even though she was a professor, she knew how to respect her students and knew how to encourage students. I improved a lot technically and musically by her teaching and encouragement. Now I am back in Korea and I really miss the time I studied with Professor Schroeder." (Yoonjin Lee, Vanguard University of Southern California, BA Flute Performance, 2010)

"I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Lisa Schroeder during the senior year of my undergraduate degree. She was a breath of fresh air in a flute studio that had been lacking in proper instruction. Dr. Schroeder made what could have been a difficult transition very easy, enjoyable, and productive. She helped me achieve my goals, prepare for both a senior recital and graduate school auditions, and to ultimately become a better musician and flutist. Although our time together was short, I am forever grateful that she was a part of my musical journey." (Rose Marie Senary, Vanguard University of Southern California, BA Flute Performance, 2008)

"I play lead clarinet and double on flute as well as saxophone for Regional Mexican Banda Music. I enjoy Latin jazz and Jazz. I have gained so much from studying with Lisa Schroeder as now I can double on flute and was able to join a Jazz Orchestra. Dr. Schroeder is so patient, professional, explains everything very clearly and knows exactly what you need to do to make a lot to of progress. I couldn't ask for anything more!" (Arturo Gallardo, Cerritos College, Music Performance Major, 2009)