Performance Accolades

"I have had the pleasure and honour of working with Lisa Schroeder playing Flute and Bass Flute. She is a wonderful musician with great skills and beautiful musicianship! Lisa is not only a great and very helpful colleague with whom to make music, but she is also a lovely person and fun to be around. Everyone always enjoys working and playing with Dr. Lisa!"
(Clyde Mitchell, Conductor and Music Director, Lions Gate Sinfonia, Orchestra of the North Shore)

"Lisa Schroeder is a dynamic performer who brings her own style to the flute." (Gary Schocker, flutist/composer/pianist)

"I was moved by Lisa's superb interpretation of the musically demanding alto flute solos in "Winters Dreams", the second movement of my "American Gothic" (2013) for orchestra premiered by Orchestra Iowa. Her command of the flute in the other movements was equally impressive. Lisa is an exceptionally fine musician who can play anything with pizzazz, precision and feeling."
(Michael Daugherty, Composer, Professor of Composition, University of Michigan)

"Lisa is an exciting performer with great depth of tone and expression." (Dr. John Barcellona, Professor of Flute and Director of Woodwind Studies at California State University Long Beach)

"The beauty of Lisa’s spirit can be heard in her every note." (Richard Morgan, film composer)

“I’ve known Lisa throughout her musical career. She possesses a depth of expression that never fails to involve you in the musical moment. I am consistently amazed at her ability to make the most technically involved passages shine effortlessly." (Edward F. Gobbel, Manager- Altus Flutes)

"If listening to great flute music, performed by a superb musician, is what you are looking for, look no further than Lisa Schroeder. She delivers on all levels." (Steven Allen Fox, Composer/Artistic Director/Conductor of the Golden State Pops Orchestra)

"Your master class was enlightening for all of us and the energy that you brought to the students at MTSU was refreshing. Thank you for working with our students as they are better musicians because of it. I was quite honored that you shared your time with us at MTSU." (Deanna Little, Associate Professor of Flute, Middle Tennessee State University)

"I enjoyed a marvelous 2-hour presentation by The Noteworthy Duo. It was charming! Lisa has all the technique and at times displays the tone quality of James Galway. Those 2 hours went skipping past most pleasantly." (Wistar Wood, flutist in High Flutin' Five)


"...The variety of different traditional Latin rhythms, ranging from slow to quick, found on this recording is engaging. The contrast between the various movements of the works as well as the works themselves means that this recording is over well before the listener is ready. Noteworthy Duo plays with precision and sensitivity. Schroeder’s phrasing and ability to create a long, lyrical line is especially impressive. Their decision to end with a work for guitar and alto flute leaves the listener with a calm, serene mood; the title of this recording seems particularly apt." (The Flute View, Online Flute Magazine, Review by Tammy Evans Yonce, September 2014)

"As In Dreams: Reflections for Flute and Guitar is a beautifully recorded CD by flautist Lisa Schroeder whose beautiful flute melodies are accompanied by the serenading guitar. The duets take you to a world of mystical melodies performing works by Jose Luis Merlin, Ernesto Cordero, Christopher Caliendo, Celso Machado, Jorge Cardoso, Maximo Diego Pujol and Ariel Ramirez. Driving in my car through the country the music acted as a beautiful backdrop to the scenery I was observing. My favourite of the collection is a number called Sambossa by Celso Machado. The bossa nova just takes you to another world with its delicate melodies. The zamba Alfonsina y el mar by Ariel Ramirez is another favourite. Lisa plays this zamba on a Altus 82SES Alto Flute. The tone and resonance of the alto flute combined with the deep sounds of the guitar make this piece wonderful on the ears. The album takes you through various styles of flute and guitar music. It is enchanting, mystical and breathtaking. The sounds produced are just wonderful. From the delicate melodies to the robust sound to the clarity of the tone of the instruments being heard this album is for lovers of Spanish and Classical guitar and delicate flute melodies." (The Flautist, The Official Journal of the Victorian Flute Guild Inc., Volume 43, No. 4, November 2012)

"I would like to take the opportunity to send you my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful music Notworthy Duo has given to the world. As I am writing this, I am listening to \"As In Dreams\" and the sound of your music is lending my thoughts wings to easily travel half around the world letting you know how much joy you are bringing to a small village in the north of Germany. I am a photographer who spends (too) much time working... To make my mind wander and wonder to refresh its resources, I have picked up the flute a little time ago. With no other goal than to relax and enjoy... myself. I am dabbling at it, making sounds, playing songs I know, nothing more. We live on a farm, and I like to take my flute to the barn and just play. And while I work at the computer, I listen to music such as yours. I also love audio books, but when creativity is called for, it is music (especially flute) that makes my mind soar. Flute and guitar in combination are magical and authentic at the same time. Your gift is out of this world and I thank you solemnly for sharing it with those of us who find their essence in it, being set free by your art." (Stephen Rasche-Hilpert, Noteworthy Duo fan, January 2014)


"...they have crafted a lovely CD that music lovers of all kinds will enjoy. As much of this music is based on folk sounds and/or dances of Latin American countries, the styles of each piece are complementary without becoming tiring."
"The strong connection between duo members is apparent, as much of this music requires tremendous flexibility in tempos, mood, and color, executed beautifully overall. The piece that best demonstrates the duo’s artistry and passion is Piazzolla’s “Histoire du Tango." As many decisions must be made about a variety of stylistic gestures, successful execution of this piece requires musicians to be deeply involved in the creative process. The Noteworthy Duo have crafted exciting interpretations of this beloved standard in the flute/guitar repertoire."
"...overall, this CD contains an exciting collection of South American music. Music lovers will not only enjoy the beautiful playing but also the information included in the liner notes about the composers and musical styles. Listeners may want to be near the Internet while listening, as the performance of this music will invite learning even more. Or they may simply want to dance!" (The Flutist Quarterly, The Official Magazine of the National Flute Association, Inc., Volume XXXV, No.3, Spring 2010)


"We were thrilled to host the Noteworthy Duo for our church's Concert Series. Lisa Schroeder and José Luis Merlin treated us to a program of music by Maestro Merlin. Merlin's music is beautifully written and the Noteworthy Duo played it superbly! The flute and guitar are a wonderful complement to each other and Merlin is a master at bringing out this union. The whole afternoon was simply stunning!" (Dr. Anna DeMichele, Chamber Music Concert Series at California Heights United Methodist Church, Long Beach, CA, June 2012)

“In a program of mostly unfamiliar works, Noteworthy Duo took our audience on a musical journey and let us experience the placid waters, busy city traffic and regional dances of a foreign land. The unique combination of flute and guitar was the perfect venue to convey life in South America. The flute sounded as a "well trained vocalist" and the "guitar was superb." Calm and energy were the terms of the hour. Interjected verbal program notes served as the 'map' for our trip and contained just the right amount of information and personal connections with the music, some of which was commissioned by them. Let's hope our guest musicians will take us to more uncharted territory in the future. Our passports are ready." (Dennis McCleary, Music and the Arts at Vineville, Macon, GA, February 2011)

“Thank you so very much for performing your program of Latin American music at Belmont University. Every piece on the program was delightful and expertly performed. It was wonderful for the students to hear your impeccable ensemble and artistry in addition to hearing your interesting commentary on the composers and the selections. Thanks again for your wonderful and inspiring visit to our campus." (Dr. Carolyn Treybig, Professor of Flute, Belmont University School of Music, March 2010)

"Noteworthy Duo's recital was colorful, exciting and educational. I loved the program of flute and guitar repertoire you brought to us and very grateful for the commentary you provided us with. What a fabulous evening of music you shared with us!" (Deanna Little, Associate Professor of Flute, Middle Tennessee State University, March 2010)

“The concert at St. Paul’s by the Noteworthy Duo was an overwhelming success. It was an inspirational concert with all the technical abilities expected of well-seasoned artists. All the moods and emotions that one could possibly hope for in an hour were brought to the listeners’ ears. I received many accolades from parishioners, friends and guests. One of our parishioners, a famous local artistic painter, was so inspired he purchased the latest Noteworthy Duo CD so that he could play it while he painted and be inspired again. The concert was so well received; I made a decision on the spot to make the Noteworthy Duo an annual event." (The Episcopal Church of St. Paul the Apostle Savannah, GA, February 2010)

“Noteworthy Duo’s program of music by Latin American composers provided the perfect showcase for their flawless technique, ensemble playing and artistry, and their well-chosen repertoire was enthusiastically received by both our seasoned regulars and those new to the classical concert experience. The Duo’s concert was the best attended evening concert we have hosted, and I expect that with their engaging manner the audience would have loved them even had they not played so well!" (Main Library Jacksonville, FL, February 2010)

“The Noteworthy Duo played a delightful program to open the 2010 Chamber Concert Series at Placentia's historic Bradford House. Their relaxed professionalism gave just the right air of intimacy that can be achieved in a setting that brings the music--and the musicians--within reach of their audience. Their selections were interesting and kept their listeners rapt, as they explored the sounds and nuances of their instruments and music. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!" (Placentia Founders Society, CA, January 2010)

"Noteworthy Duo was definitely a highlight of our Mid-Day Music series. The program was highly appropriate to our audience and the performers quite engaging in their manner. Folks are continuing to say how much they enjoyed it." (St. Paul's on-the-Green Norwalk, CT, October 2009)

"The Noteworthy Duo plays with artful delicacy and passion, infusing its live performances with energy, excitement and air-tight arrangements. Along with the group's accomplished musicianship, their warm and friendly personalities made the Noteworthy Duo's performance at the Hingham Public Library a memorable one for our audience. The 'duo' is an absolute delight that must not be missed." (Hingham Public Library, Hingham, MA, October 2009)

"...a delightful performance..." (David Wood, WFIU Radio in Indiana, June 2009)

"Noteworthy Duo combines a brilliant blend of guitar and flute harmonies to produce a magical evening of musical entertainment." (Michael Smith, Knoxville Guitar Society, June 2009)

"The performance by Noteworthy Duo was more than noteworthy - it was musically outstanding, and the engaging way the musicians presented information about the music made it even more enjoyable for our congregation! Both in preparation for the concert and the day of the performance they were professional and personable to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to experience a meeting of classical and Latin American music in concert. We hope to have them back again!" (Arlington Congregational Church Jacksonville, FL, February 2009)